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Hoop Dancing FAQ

1. What is hoop dancing?

Hoop dancing, or "hooping" is a form of dance using a hula hoop. Various tricks and movements can be incorporated into hoop dance to make it look unique.

2. Do you need a certain type of hoop?

Yes. Hula hoops found in the toy department at the store will not work for an adult looking to learn how to hoop dance because they are too light and too small in diameter. It is recommended that an adult looking to learn how to hoop dance should start with a hoop that measures from the floor to about belly button level (or bigger). Usually anywhere between 36" to 42". Larger hoops are easier to keep up as the weight and size slow the hoop down, and keep the momentum going.

3. What can someone new to hoop dancing expect out of a beginner class?

First and foremost, any hoop dancing class is intended to be fun! This class is designed for individuals who have never picked up a hula hoop in their life. Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of hoop dancing, including hooping around the waist, how to lift the hoop from waist to above their heads and back down again, how to perform a hoop isolation (or hoop illusion), and much more!

4. What are the benefits of hoop dancing?

· Provides an intense, fat-burning cardio workout, burning 300-600 calories per hour.

· Tones the whole body, especially the core.

· Offers a low impact workout.

· Develops balance and coordination.

· Increases energy.

· Improves posture and flexibility.

· Aids in proper digestion and lymphatic drainage.

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