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How to Make a Hula Hoop with Nat Spinz

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hey all! I want to help you get started on your hoop dancing journey by teaching you how to make your own beginner hoop dancing hula hoop. I've provided a list along with some links of the items you'll need to make your own hoop dancing hula hoop.

You'll need:

1. Irrigation tubing, 3/4 inch, 160 PSI. 100 foot coils can be found at your local hardware store in the gardening section. I have found the best price at Menard's in the outdoor gardening area. I've found that 100 foot coils make about 10 hula hoops.

2. Tubing cutters to... you guessed it! To cut the tubing.

3. 3/4 male to male couplings. These can be found in the plumbing department, they're usually gray. These fit on the inside of the irrigation tubing. You'll need about 10.

4. (Optional) tape to decorate your hoop with! I use colorful electrical tape. It's extremely easy to wrap around the hoop and comes in many colors. Again, Menard's has the best prices I've found and carries many colors.

5. (Optional) Rivets and rivet gun. These help to secure the coupling in place, so that the hoop doesn't come undone. Not always required, as the coupling is designed to keep that tubing locked into place, but hoops have been known to unravel from time to time. It's an extra precaution. These are pretty cheap at Harbor Freight. I think mine costed about 6 bucks and it came with the rivet gun and rivets.

6. (Optional) A drill and drill bits - but only if you're using the rivet gun. You'll have to drill a hole for the rivet to fit into.

Step One: Measure your hoop! When I'm making hoops for myself - honestly, I just eyeball them. If you're completely lost when it comes to hoop size, you could refer to my Hoops 101 page which will give you the low down on where to begin! Often it is recommended to measure from floor to belly button when first starting out. As you progress, you can use a smaller hoop size.

Step Two: Mark and cut the tubing with the tube cutters.

Step Three: Insert the coupling into one side of the tubing. The coupling should be pushed in about half way. (Note: If you're using a rivet gun, this is the point where you would drill your rivet hole, and then attach the rivet).

Step Four: Push the other end of the tubing on to the coupling (and rivet, if applicable).

Step Five: Tape your hoop!!

Step Six: PLAY!!!

That's it!! It's really THAT simple. If you have any questions, leave them for me in the comments and share your hula hoops with me!! Tag @NatSpinz on Facebook and Instagram.

(Video tutorial to come soon!)

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